Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu missions went live Tuesday as part of a crossover event between the augmented reality mobile game and the new live action feature film.

The crossover event centers around particular Pokemon featured in the new Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs introduced new challenges and rewards based on the movie.

Here's everything you need to know about the Detective Pikachu Field Research challenges in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Missions: Everything You Need to Know

There are four specific Field Researches based on the Detective Pikachu movie. There are two riddles and two straightforward challenges. Here's each challenge and the accompanying reward for completing them:

Catch the Water Type Pokemon Carried in a Backpack

This challenge, debunked by watching the movie trailer, requires players to catch a Psyduck. The reward is a Magikarp encounter.

Catch the Seed Pokemon That is Seen Walking in a River

This challenge, also debunked by watching the movie trailer, requires players to catch a Bulbasaur. The reward for this challenge grants a Treecko encounter.

The final two challenges are straightforward requiring players to catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom or Snubble, and to catch a Flareon. The first challenge rewards players with a Ditto encounter while the second grants an Arcanine encounter.

Be careful, however, as the Ditto will be disguised as a Zubat.

The Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu crossover event runs until May 17.

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company/Niantic Labs