Pokemon GO Eggs December 2019: What's Available During All Scrambled Up

Image Courtesy Niantic
Image Courtesy Niantic /

Pokemon GO eggs for December 2019 have gotten a bit of a spotlight with this month's All Scrambled Up campaign. Here's everything you need to know about this month's special event, and if any special eggs should pop up in your inventory.

Pokemon GO Eggs December 2019

So far, not too much is known about which Pokemon will hatch in which eggs, except that a few new ones will be added. Those with Pokemon GO on their phones were tipped off to the event with a notification stating "Whoa-Different Pokemon are now hatching out of eggs! Start incubating to see who they are!"

While this notification was vague, data miners have found a few increased hatch rates for some fairly rare Pokemon. According to information leaked so far, specific Alolan forms, namely Sandshrew and Vulpix, will appear at a higher rate in 7 Km eggs. Additionally, there will be a few festive themed Pokemon also appearing in 7 Km eggs.

These include Pichu wearing beanies, and Stantler with bells to look like Reindeer. Previous Christmas events have included Santa Hat Pikachus, as well as increased rates of ice type Pokemon like Snover. It is unclear how long this event will run, but when compared to past Christmas events, should end sometime in January.