Pokemon GO Element Cup: Best Pokemon to Use

Pokemon GO Element Cup: Here Are the Best Pokemon to Use
Pokemon GO Element Cup: Here Are the Best Pokemon to Use / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Battle League will feature an Element Cup during its eighth season. Players will be able to utilize Water, Fire, and Grass type of Pokemon for the Element Cup. Here's everything you need to know about the best Pokemon to use:

Pokemon GO Element Cup: Best Pokemon to Use

Although players are able to select three different types of Pokemon, selections should involve their first Evolutionary form.

The best team to use for the Element Cup includes Cottonee, Vulpix, and Ducklett.

Cottonee is a Grass- and Fairy-type Pokemon that can be utilized against Water and Grass Pokemon. However, players shouldn't use this Pokemon against Fire-type opponents. Some of Cottonee's best moves include Seed Bomb, Grass Knot, and Charm.

Vulpix is a Fire Pokemon that can inflict heavy damage on Grass-type Pokemon. Vulpix's best moves include Weather Ball, Body Slam, and Ember. It is recommended to pair Ember with Weather Ball as a second attack in order to create the most damage.

Ducklett is a Water and Flying Pokemon, so it has an advantage against Fire and Grass types. Some of Ducklett's go-to moves include Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, and Wing Attack.

Some of the other top Pokemon to use in the Element Cup include Growlithe, Chikorita, and Chinchou.

Growlithe can be utilized for its Ember and Flamethrower moves, while Chikorita can release Vine Whip and Grass Knot on Water-type Pokemon.

Chinchou is a Water- and Electric-type Pokemon, so players can use it against other Water- and Fire-type Pokemon.