Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Event Tickets Able to be Gifted to Friends

Image courtesy of Niantic

A brand new Pokémon GO feature is coming that will allow you to gift event tickets to your friends, so you can grab bonuses and play through special research quests together. Just in time for May Community Day, Niantic has added the option to gift event tickets.

How to Gift an Event Ticket to a Friend

Gifting an event ticket to a friend is incredibly easy. The first step is to navigate to the shop, and to select the event you want to purchase a ticket for, exactly as though you are purchasing one for yourself. Next, there should be a brand new pink button that says "Gift" under the normal option to buy. If you select the option to gift a ticket, you will then be taken to a list of your friends. You will only be able to gift an event ticket to friend you have reached the Great Friends level with. After selecting the person, you only have to pay the ticket fee, and you will have gifted a friend an event ticket.

As of now, there are some limitations on this feature. Currently, it has only been implemented for the May Community Day Rocky Road event, not the more expensive Pokémon GO Fest ticket. Additionally, you are limited to a 20 ticket maximum for gifting tickets per day. To see a full illustrated walkthrough along with the rest of the official announcement and guidelines regarding this feature, check out the official game blogpost here to learn more.