Pokémon GO Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge

Pokémon Go Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge
Pokémon Go Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge / Niantic Labs, Pokémon Company

For a limited time, players can earn rewards for the Sinnoh Challenge during Pokémon GO’s Evolving Stars event. The event, which began on Wednesday and runs through Tuesday, Oct. 11, includes many fun opportunities for players in Pokémon GO. 

The Evolving Stars event has a lot of different challenges for players to complete like the Sinnoh Challenge.

Pokémon GO Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge 

For the Sinnoh Challenge, players will have to earn four Pokémon that are able to reach their final evolutions using the Sinnoh Stone. Obtaining these Pokémon can only be done through evolution if you want to include it in your challenge progress.

Each specific Pokémon will require different amounts of candy to evolve. Evolving Rhyhorn will require 25 Rhyhorn Candy. Evolving Swinub into Piloswine will require 25 Swinub Candy. Evolving Ralts into Kirlia will require 25 Ralts Candy. Finally, evolving Duskull into Dusclops will require 25 Duskull Candy.

Collecting the candy should not be too difficult considering it seems to have been dropping more frequently since the event began. The reward for completing this challenge is four Sinnoh Stones.

Evolving Pokémon might not be the easiest task this season, luckily there are some items that can make the process easier. The Evolving Star Store Boxes introduced at the start of Evolving Stars event should make completing these challenges that much easier.

Besides the Sinnoh Challenge, players can also complete the Eevee, Unova and Trade Challenge before time runs out on Oct. 11.