Pokémon GO Evolving Stars Store Boxes Listed

Courtesy of Pokémon GO

As a part of Pokémon GO’s Evolving Stars event, Evolving Stars Boxes were brought into store, giving trainers access to limited-time deals for various items. Introducing six different boxes intended for six different purposes, players can get their hands on one of these bundles for the duration of the event which starts Wednesday, Oct. 5 and ends on Tuesday, Oct. 11. 

The Evolving Stars event celebrates various Pokémon evolutions. The face of the event being Cosmog, this event allows trainers to evolve the Nebula Pokémon into Cosmoem for the first time. Additionally trainers are able to capture Gyarados during its Mega Raid Day on Oct. 8.

The event’s Evolving Stars Store Boxes provides a variety of services that cater to player’s different needs. Some expedite the process of evolving Pokémon while others provide useful tools for going into a Raid. These are purchasable by the Pokémon GO’s currency, PokéCoins. For free, these are obtainable by leaving Pokémon in a gym; until a Pokémon is knocked out trainers will earn six PokéCoins per hour. However, trainers are only able to earn up to 50 PokéCoins a day. Otherwise, for real money, these are bought in Pokémon GO’s in-game store. 

Pokemon GO Evolving Stars Store Boxes Listed

Here is a list of Evolving Stars Store Boxes offered throughout the event:

Trainee box: 499 PokéCoins

  • King's Rock
  • Unova Stone
  • Dragon Scale
  • x10 Pinap Berries

Voyager box: 1200 PokéCoins

  • x5 Incubators
  • x4 Super Incubators
  • x2Premium Battle Passes
  • Star Piece

Journeyer box: 1900 PokéCoins

  • x6 Incubators
  • x10 Super Incubators
  • x2 Incenses
  • x2 Poffins

Standard Raid box: 525 PokéCoins

  • x3 Premium Battle Passes
  • x3 Remote Raid Passes
  • Incubator

Great Raid box: 1,375 PokéCoins

  • x12 Premium Battle Passes
  • x3 Remote Raid Passes
  • x2 Lucky Eggs
  • x10 Silver Pinap Berries

Ultra Raid Box: 2,200 PokéCoins

  • x20 Premium Battle Passes
  • x10 Star Pieces
  • x10 Max Revives
  • x10 Remote Raid Passes