Pokémon GO Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge

Pokémon Go Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge
Pokémon Go Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge / Niantic Labs, Pokémon Company

Players have limited time to complete the many challenges of Pokémon GO's Evolving Stars event, one challenge to get done quickly is the Trade Challenge.

During the event, players will get the opportunity to unlock a handful of Evolution Items that can really spruce up their inventory. Some of the unlockable items include four Sinnoh Stones, two Unova Stones and a metal coat. The rewards for the Trade Challenge are a necessity in-game.

Pokémon GO Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge

Players must evolve Kadabra into Alakazam and Haunter into Gengar as part of the Trade Challenge. But evolving Kadabra and Haunter is not as straight forward as you might think.

To evolve Kadabra and Haunter players must use 100 candy for each Pokémon. Haunter will use Gastly Candy while Kadabra will use Abra candy. There's a way to work around that though.

Instead of evolving using candy, players can choose to trade with a friend for a Kadabra or a Haunter. Once the trade happens you can evolve your Pokémon using no candy which will save time in the process.

The reward for completing this challenge is one Dragon Scale, one Sun Stone and one King's Rock, a great return during the latest Season of Light event.

The Evolving Stars event is just the latest event during the Season of Light which runs until December. Some of the previous events from this season included Fashion Week, Test Your Mettle and Deoxys Raid Day to name a few. If you are wondering what could be next for the Season of Light, check out the content calendar for October:

Players will have until Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. local to earn the rewards for the Trade Challenge.