Pokemon GO EX Raid August 2019 invitations have reportedly been sent out. Players have been began receiving new EX Raid Passes for the month of August.

Pokemon GO EX Raid August 2019

EX Raids are similar to normal Raid Battles, but require an invitation to attend. To get an invitation, you must have completed a Raid recently at the Gym the EX Raid would take place at. The more Raids you do, the higher your chance of receiving an EX Raid invitation. The invitation will specify a time and location, giving you some time to gather a posse to take on the boss.

The EX Raid boss for August will once again be Deoxys Speed Forme. EX Raids are your only opportunity to catch the DNA Pokemon. Speed Forme is not the most powerful variation of Deoxys, but you will want to still bring your strongest Ghost, Bug, or Dark Type Pokemon to take it on.

Photo Courtesy of Niantic and GAMEFREAK/Nintendo.