Pokemon GO EX Raid March 2020: What to Expect

Regigigas as it appears in the anime.
Regigigas as it appears in the anime. / The Pokemon Company via Bulbapedia

Pokemon GO EX Raid March 2020 bosses are some of the most highly awaited content rotations in the game. Everyone is looking to build the most powerful team to take down their friends and enemies.

The key to a strong team is, of course, strong Pokemon, so it only makes sense that powerful raid bosses are popular. As we turn to each new month, we also shift our attention to the new featured Pokemon.

So, who will you be adding to your team this March?

Pokemon GO EX Raid March 2020

EX Raid bosses are typically available every new month and are some of the most difficult Pokemon to battle and catch. It's obvious as to why people have been combing through to find the new boss for March.

Regigigas it the featured Pokemon for EX raids at the time of writing. Players may be a bit tired of this by now, as it was also the EX boss for last month. This provides the opportunity for those who haven't added it to their team to go ahead and try again.

Trainers can expect the new boss to be just as potent—if not more so—than the current. Regigigas is supposedly an amalgamation of the other Regi's. That being said, it's possible that the boss this month will actually end up being overshadowed by Armored Mewtwo.

Armored Mewtwo will be available in raids from Feb. 25 to March 2 at 1pm. While we would like to see a new EX raid boss soon, there's a chance that Niantic may want to wait until after the Pokemon Day celebration to release a new one.

There is no official news on another EX raid boss aside from Regigigas in the works at the time of writing.