Pokemon GO EX Raid September 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO EX Raid September 2019 is expected to once again be Speed Forme Deoxys. Players have reported they have been receiving their EX Raid Passes, and the Raid is expected to occur Sept. 21 or 22.

Pokemon GO EX Raid September 2019

As it seems Deoxys Speed Forme will be the boss again, you should bring your best Dark and Bug type Pokemon to the fight. Fortunately, this week will feature select Deoxys counters like Absol and Tyranitar in normal raids.

Deoxys Speed Forme isn't the strongest of its variations, so it'll be easier to take down. However, its use on your team is also limited as it's outclassed by the other Formes.

In addition to being able to capture Deoxys, you will also acquire some other bonuses like Rare Candy and TMs.

To participate in an EX Raid, you must battle in Raids at an EX Gym repeatedly. The particular Gym's eligibility will also be determined by how many Raids are conducted there.

Many players are lamenting the choice of Deoxys again. All of its Formes are available in normal Raids this week, so there is some speculation the EX Raid boss might be changed at the last minute.

That's mostly wishful thinking, as there's no evidence that Niantic will be retiring Deoxys from EX Raids until the new year.

Photo courtesy of Niantic and GAMEFREAK.