Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Ticket Sale Date

Pokemon Go Fest 2019 ticket sale date has changed significantly from previous years. Instead of a date where players will be able to start purchasing tickets, Niantic Labs has decided to create a lottery system first.

Fans of Pokemon GO will be able to enter a lottery which will choose people to then purchase the tickets in waves.

Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Tickets: How to Enter the Lottery

You'll need to open your Pokemon Go app. Once opened up, touch the Menu button, then the Events option. It will take you to another page with the listed events. Click whichever one you want to attend. If the events are ready for tickets, it will have the option "Enter Drawing." If it doesn't, the event isn't ready, and you'll need to come back at a different time.

It will ask you to confirm a email if you click the "Enter Drawing" button. Once you do so, keep an eye out in your email as they will eventual pick winners in waves. Once the email is sent, you have 48 hours to purchase a ticket for you or friends. Tickets will be priced at $25.

Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Ticket Dates

Players can start entering into the drawing immediately and until April 24 at 7:00 a.m. PT. It seems once April 24 is over, you may no longer buy tickets for Pokemon Go Fest Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs