Pokemon GO Fest research tasks this week will feature Blanche and Team Mystic. Completing the tasks will unlock a special week of Stardust related rewards and a Raid day featuring Suicune.

Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama will take place Aug. 6-12, during which each team will have to complete a number of tasks overall to unlock a specific reward. Each team simply needs to complete 25 million research tasks in the allotted time. While each reward is tied to a specific team's success, all players will be able to benefit from them when the rewards are given.

Pokemon GO Fest Research Tasks

Team Mystic will be responsible for one hour Star Pieces, Instinct for guaranteed 3000 Raid Stardust, Valor for triple Hatch Stardust, and the GO Fest attendees themselves will be responsible for triple Catch Stardust.

If all the rewards are unlocked, there will be a special Raid Day featuring Suicune, with an increased chance to encounter a Shiny Suicune on Aug.17. The time has yet to be announced.

This Fest's challenges are substantially more difficult than the last, as we need 25 million completed tasks rather than 15 million to get each reward. Everyone will really have to work together to make sure we get all the rewards this time.

Photo courtesy of Niantic.