Pokemon Go Friend Codes in 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go Friend Codes are useful in 2021
Pokemon Go Friend Codes are useful in 2021 / Photo by The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go Friend Codes are useful in 2021 while playing the game. Trainers are not able to leave their homes and venture to PokeStops or gyms, which takes a lot out of Pokemon Go's gameplay experience. Friend Codes allow trainers to meet and connect with others to trade, battle, and more.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes in 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Friend Codes in Pokemon Go allow trainers to add friends in order to participate in various game activities with them. Friends can earn each other gifts, trade Pokemon, and battle one another in at-home leagues. Given that most trainers are stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, playing with friends is the primary way to play Pokemon Go in today's landscape.

To add a trainer using their Friend Code, click on your player icon and select Add Friend. This option will allow you to see your own Friend Code and share it on social media or text message if you wish. From there there are many different ways to add friends:

  • Type in a trainer's Friend Code
  • Connect with Facebook to add friends from profile
  • Scan your Pokemon Go QR Code

After friends have been added, they will appear on a friends list. The friends list will display their profile, activity, and online status. You can also see how many Pokemon your friends have caught, how many battles they have won, and the distance they have walked.

Friends have friend levels that are represented by hearts displayed under their avatar. Friends can achieve higher friend levels only by giving each other gifts. High-level friendships can earn trainers more XP and increased benefits from one another.

High-level friends will also receive gameplay bonuses when playing together. In Gym and Raid battles, this includes increasing their Pokemon's Attack and earning the trainers more Premier Balls that can catch defeated Raid Pokemon. It also gives high-level friends a larger Stardust discount when trading Pokemon with each other.

Pokemon Go is set to begin its Season of Legends event at the beginning of March. The Season of Legends will last three months and will introduce a number of Legendary Pokemon to the game.