Pokémon GO Friend List Size Limit

Courtesy of Niantic Labs

For one of the most popular mobile games for arguably the most popular media franchise in the world, it is important to have an active player community. For Pokémon GO, the more friends you have across the globe, the better your experience can be. Thanks to social media and other internet sources people can quickly fill up their friend list in the game.

With recent in-game events like the Vivillon post-card debut, trainers might be wondering what the current friend limit is on Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Friend List Size Limit

Currently as of Dec. 2022, the friend list can reach a maximum of 400 players in Pokémon GO. To some, that sounds like more than enough especially if you prefer to friend only close friends. Others like to make new connections frequently to help each other out by gifting Pokémon or items across the world.

The debut of Vivillon has encouraged players to reach out to people around the globe. Since there are 18 unique patterns of Vivillon that change locations, completing the challenge would be impossible without an active player base.

Niantic Labs themselves have recommended players reach out online to make new friends in order to collect all the Vivillon patterns. It is hard to imagine a Pokémon GO trainer with 400 friends that is not some sort of influencer but it is possible. For many people, the current friend list limit should be a nonissue going forward in 2023. Trainers can also remove and rotate friends if they do manage to max out their list.