Pokemon GO Gen 8 Release Date: When is it?

Pokemon Go Gen 8 Release Date
Pokemon Go Gen 8 Release Date / Image courtesy of Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Gen 8 release date is something fans look forward to as more and more Pokemon get added to the mobile game.

Pokemon is one the most popularly recognized titles in the world, not just the gaming world. One if its largest games across the globe is Pokemon GO, which changed the mobile gaming industry entirely and brings some new faces with each generation released.

So far there have been five, with the newest coming out on Sept. 16 of last year. Each generation brought into Pokemon GO comes from the core game's generations.

With six and seven on the horizon, Generation 8 is one of the additions that will be coming to the game.

Pokemon GO Gen 8 Release Date: When is it?

With each generation coming yearly, and Generation 7 expected to come in 2021, Generation 8 will be released in 2022. Generations 3-5 were put out in September and October, so Generation 8 will likely drop on either of the months.

The new generation features 86 characters that were introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield.