Pokemon GO Giovanni: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Giovanni has been photobombing several pictures through the game's AR Snapshot function. Here is everything you need to know about the leader of Team Rocket.

Pokemon Go Giovanni: Everything You Need to Know

The Pokemon GO Fest events that have been happening this past summer have been teasing the arrival of Team Rocket. Prior to people spotting Giovanni, several players have spotted Team Rocket grunts in June. Just one month later, players were spotting hot-air balloons in the distance, displaying the Team Rocket logo.

With the recent sightings of Giovanni in early August, players are suspecting that Team Rocket will be soon be entering the Pokemon GO universe. The official Pokemon GO Twitter account even made a strange tweet that was framed like it was written from a member of Team Rocket, making it look like the Twitter account was hijacked.

We are not sure what Giovanni's intentions are, but it might be possible that players will get the chance to battle the Team Rocket leader in gym battles, much like how Team Rocket grunts have started to target PokeStops. But for now, we will have to wait and see if anything comes of this.

Photo courtesy of Niantic