Pokemon GO Glalie vs. Froslass: Which is Better?

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Glalie and Frosslass serve as different evolutions to Snorunt, and a difficult decision a Trainer must make regards to which one they should work for. Both Pokemon are exceptional choices, but they do differ in some aspects. What about in Pokemon GO? These two ice-users will be based on their overall viability, the difficulty of obtaining, and several other aspects. So which evolution is better: Glalie or Froslass?

Difficulty to Obtain

While Froslass and Glalie both require candy or their pathways, Froslass has the added step of needing a Sinnoh Stone and a female Snorunt. That’s right, Froslass is a female-exclusive evolution, akin to something like Vespiquen. Glalie is as simple as feeding Snorunt 100 candy, no matter the gender, which places it in a much easier position to obtain than Froslass.

On top of Glalie only needing candy to acquire, Glalie can also be encountered and captured in the wild. Froslass cannot be found in the wild, and can only be acquired through evolution. Overall, Glalie is the easiest of the two to acquire.

Pokemon GO Glalie vs. Froslass: Which is Better?


Glalie is a pure Ice-type, while Froslass has a dual typing of Ice/Ghost. As with any Pokemon, typing plays into a number of decisions, so one being better than the other on the basis of typing is really up to the Trainer here. This duo of evolutions is an exception, however.

Froslass’s dual typing allows it to be a good contender against Fighting, Poison, Bug, Ice, and Normal-types. However, this wide variety of resistances come with another range of exploits, so Froslass is best kept away from Fire, Rock, Ghost, Steel, and Dark-types. She’s a bit of a glass cannon here, but one that can keep the right Pokemon at bay.

Glalie is purely an Ice-type, which means that its innately good at warding off Ice-types. However, the cons greatly outweigh the pros, as Glalie cannot go well against Fire, Rock, Steel, and Fighting-types. Froslass easily wins this section due to her ability to endure more than Glalie.


Glalie and Froslass’s base stats are as follows:

  • Attack - Glalie has 162 while Froslass has 171.
  • Defense - Glalie has 162 while Froslass has 150.
  • Stamina - Glalie has 190 while Froslass has 172.

Stat-wise, Glalie seems to be the better pick for those seeking better Defense and Stamina stats. However, Froslass seems to be the better choice for Trainers wanting a Pokemon that packs a punch. It looks like both Pokemon are better in their own ways here, and the decision is really up to the Trainer here.

Best Movesets

Here is where things become very different, as these Pokemon enter different territories when it comes to their actual uses. This is a decision that is truly left to the Trainer.

Glalie is best played with a pure Ice move set. Its optimal Charge Move for both offensive and defensive play is Avalanche. When used for attacking, Frost Breath is its best Quick move. When defending, Ice Shard is its best Quick move. All of these moves are Ice-type and good for countering Pokemon that are weak to it.

On the other hand, Froslass sports a pure Ghost move set that’s optimal for both offensive and defensive play. In both situations, her best Quick move is Hex while her best Charge move is Shadow Ball. These are powerful Ghost moves that’ll shake up any Pokemon that faces Froslass.


Both Pokemon have their moments, and they both possess stats and skills the other lacks. There are other formidable Ice Pokemon in the game, so Glalie isn’t a bad choice for Trainers who need a good Ice-type. Same goes with Froslass, who isn’t great but can really get the job done. 

Both Glalie and Froslass are available to obtain in Pokemon GO.