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Pokémon GO Global Challenge Rewards

Pokémon GO global challenge rewards have been on every trainer's mind after the announcement for this year's Pokémon Go Fest.

All three teams around the world have been working hard to chip away at the amount of research tasks needed to unlock some powerful prizes in the game. Here is a list of benefits you can expect to earn by participating in this year's Global Research Challenge.

Pokémon GO Global Challenge Rewards

1. Spark's Candy Research Challenge

Legendary Raikou

Running concurrent with GO Fest Chicago, this challenge went from 12 p.m. ET June 14 until 8 p.m. ET June 16, and the bonuses were available from 4 p.m. ET June 18 until 4 p.m. ET June 25.

Each team needed to complete 15 million research tasks to unlock:

  • 1 Rare Candy per raid by Instinct
  • 1/2 Hatching Distance by Valor
  • Double Hatch Candy by Mystic

Upon unlocking all three rewards, trainers also had the opportunity to encounter the legendary electric-dog, Raikou!

2. Candela's XP Research Challenge

Legendary Entei

Available alongside GO Fest Dortmund, this challenge took place from 4 a.m. to noon ET July 4. Unfortunately, your time to participate in this challenge is over, but you may still be able to reap the rewards, which are available until 4 p.m. ET July 16.

Each team needed to complete 15 million research tasks to unlock these bonuses:

  • Double Lucky Egg duration by Instinct
  • Triple Hatching XP by Valor
  • Double Raid XP by Mystic

Trainers will also have the chance to encounter the legendary fire-dog, Entei, on July 14!

3. Blanche's Stardust Research Challenge

Legendary Suicune

You can participate in this challenge from 9 p.m. ET Aug. 5 until 4 a.m. ET Aug. 12, with bonuses available on 4 p.m. ET Aug. 13 until 4 p.m. ET Aug. 20

Each team needs to complete 25 million research tasks in order to unlock the following rewards:

  • 3k Stardust per raid by Instinct
  • Triple Hatching Stardust by Valor
  • Double duration for Star Pieces by Mystic

After unlocking all these rewards, trainers may have the chance to encounter the legendary water-dog, Suicune, in raids starting Aug. 17!

Good luck, trainers!

Photos courtesy of Niantic Labs.