Pokemon GO Grimer Counters

Pokemon GO Grimer counter methods
Pokemon GO Grimer counter methods / The Pokemon Company via Bulbapedia

Pokemon GO Grimer counters could make a great addition to your team.

Most Pokemon games employ a simple expansion on the "rock-paper-scissors" strategy. Fire beats grass which beats water—and so on. Pokemon GO is no different. Each species of Pokemon has a predetermined set of counterbalances in battle that take the form of a difficult move or type-advantaged opponent.

Here are some of the top counter methods for Grimer.

Pokemon GO Grimer Counter

As a pure posion-type, Grimer is weak against psychic and ground-types.

Some of the most efficient counters would be Mewtwo, Azelf, and Deoyxs as all are pure psychic. However, for those trainers who may just be starting out or haven't had a chance to chase down these legendary Pokemon yet, more common psychic-types can be used. For example, Alakazam or Espeon also make great counter choices against Grimer.

The moves that deal the most damage to Grimer by the above choices are Confusion, Psycho Cut, the Mewtwo-exclusive Psystrike, Zen Headbutt, and Psycho Boost. Psychic and Future Sight are also acceptable.

Grimer has a maximum CP of 1374. Its attack stat is 135, defense is 90, stamina is 190, and maximum HP is 162. While it may have a decent health pool and vitality to keep it going, Grimer typically doesn't have the attack damage or defense to keep itself sustainable.