Pokémon GO Halloween 2022 Event: What is it?

Niantic Labs

With Halloween just around the corner, trainers are looking to take their spirit in-game during  Pokémon GO’s 2022 Halloween Event. Though there has not been any official announcement of an event, some sleuthing has been done, to predict what’s to come to the game for this spooky holiday. 

So far October’s Spotlight Pokémon, Purrloin, and Haunter have been in theme for Halloween. Having an increased opportunity to catch Spotlight Pokémon, trainers also get to look forward to Misdrevaus and Shuppet as the rest of this month’s Spotlight Pokémon.

There is also a Litwick Community day coming up on Oct. 15. Making its shiny debut into the game, trainers will get a higher chance of encountering the Candle Pokémon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. 

Pokémon GO Halloween 2022 Event: What is it?

Though there are themed Spotlight Pokémon and Community day, what is going to be Pokémon GO’s 2022 Halloween Event? Last year brought various increased encounters with dark and ghost-typed Pokémon as well as many limited-time raids. In 2021, Halloween also brought new cosmetic items for trainers and stickers. 

Unfortunately, there has not been an official announcement yet of what the 2022 Halloween event will entail. However, in a recent breakdown of patch 0.251.0, we are able to find clues to deduce what might be coming. 

One major change, noted in the patch update, was that the game would be receiving a new map. This themed map takes on a Halloween theme and is set to contain darker grass and falling leaves. 

Another aspect of the patch update that has stood out, were assets relating to the Tricky Fox Pokémon, Zorua. This would mean that Zorua would be entering Pokémon GO for the first time.