Pokemon GO Halloween Event 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Halloween event 2019 is nearly here. If the previous years are any indication, in the coming weeks, trainers should expect to see an abundance of ghost-type and dark-type Pokemon roaming their neighborhoods. Additionally, the spooky rewards that were available last year will most likely be making a comeback—with a few particular additions. It wouldn't be nearly as frightening to keep everything the same.

Here's everything you need to know about the 2019 Halloween event for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event 2019

While a lot of information hasn't been released yet, it's not hard to guess what players can safely look forward to.

As usual, trainers will be able to benefit from perks such as double hatching, buddy, and research reward bonuses. The event will most likely kick off around the end of October and feature multiple dark or ghost-types that haven't been released yet. It goes without saying that this year's round of featured creatures will be from the newly released Generation V.

Some faces you might see this year include Yanmask, Zorua and Zoroark, Purrloin and Liepard, Litwick, Hydreigon, and Scraggy among others.

However, given the recent teases on the game's official twitter and the interaction with Team Rocket, it may be possible that the 2019 Halloween event could have something to do with them and their shadow Pokemon.

Images courtesy of Niantic Labs