Pokemon GO Holiday Cup Explained

Photo by The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO has a new event this time of year, the Pokemon GO Holiday Cup.

The Pokemon Go Holiday Cup is a part of the GO Battle League Season 10, alon with other Cups like the Great League Remix, Ultra League Remix, Sinnoh Cup, Love Cup and Johto Cup.

Pokemon GO Holiday Cup

The tournament started on Dec. 13 and will end on Dec. 31. Players can enter the tournament with Pokemon with a maximum of 1,500 Competition Points (CP).

The Pokemon must be in these categories: Normal, Grass, Electric, Ice, Flying and Ghost.

Here are the top 10 most commonly used Pokemon in the Holiday Cup:

  1. Vigoroth
  2. Alolan Graveler
  3. Talonflame
  4. Froslass
  5. Stunfisk
  6. Alolan Marowak
  7. Obstagoon
  8. Altaria
  9. Wigglytuff
  10. Alolan Ninetales

The Holiday Cup is divided into regional tournaments and is a ranked competition that will affect a players local and global leaderboard statistics.

Tournaments are played virtually and are played in real-time, so all players will play at the same time and is open to all.