Pokemon GO Holiday Cup Ultra League Edition: Meta Pokemon Guide

Niantic, screenshot by DBLTAP

Pokemon GO's Holiday Cup will feature festive activities and two different leagues. Players will be able to participate in the Great League and the Ultra League. With a combat power limit and a Pokemon type restriction, here's everything you need to know about choosing the best Pokemon for the Holiday Cup's Ultra League.

Players can assemble a team with a combat power that cannot exceed 2,500 points. Additionally, the Holiday Cup's Ultra League only allows Normal, Grass, Electric, Ice, Flying, and Ghost-type Pokemon in the battle program.

Pokemon GO Holiday Cup Ultra League: Meta Pokemon Team

Here's the best Pokemon to use in Pokemon GO's Holiday Cup Ultra League:

  • Aurorus (Rock- and Ice-type)
  • Regice (Ice-type)
  • Altered Giratina (Dragon- and Ghost-type)

With a restriction of several types of Pokemon, choosing Aurorus would prevent opponents from using strong counters against this Ice-type Pokemon. Gamers, however, should be cautious of using Aurorus against Pokemon such as Abombasnow and Shadow Charizard, as these selections can cause high damage with Charged Attacks.

Altered Giratina has strong defense and stamina stats, along with its unique combination of being a Dragon / Ghost-type Pokemon. While catching a Legendary Pokemon may be difficult, selecting Giratina would be a fruitful choice for many players, as the Pokemon would be a great defense against other opponents.

Regice has high defensive stats, and with its Lock-On move, the Legendary Pokemon can give many Charged Attacks in a row. However, while it's a strong Legendary Pokemon, players suggest use it as the first Pokemon in a battle, since it's only an Ice-type Pokemon and can be more vulnerable to other types of attacks.

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