Pokémon GO Hot Air Balloon: How to Battle Team Rocket

Battle Team Rocket in their Hot Air Balloon in Pokémon GO.
Battle Team Rocket in their Hot Air Balloon in Pokémon GO. / Photo by Niantic

Pokémon GO hot air balloons have started appearing. That can only mean one thing: Team Rocket is back. Here's how to battle Team Rocket in their hot air balloons.

Team Rocket is back in Pokémon GO, this time leading the invasion in their trademark hot air balloons. The balloons function like an aerial, mobile PokéStop where you can challenge Rocket Grunts. Like the Grunts you fight at regular Stops, defeating them gives you a chance to catch and purify the Shadow Pokémon they'll pull on you.

Pokémon GO Hot Air Balloon Meaning

To fight Team Rocket in their balloons, you simply have to tap on the balloon.

You can also challenge the Rocket Leaders if you have the right radars, just like you would with the normal Stops.

Players on r/TheSilphRoad have discovered that the balloons have dedicated spawn times. According to u/gildenelson, you can battle a maximum of four balloons a day. You'll find a balloon spawn every six hours. The balloons on your map will actually de-spawn when the window completes.

  1. 00:00 - 05:59
  2. 06:00 - 11:59
  3. 12:00 - 17:59
  4. 18:00 - 23:59

There's also an interesting interaction with floating Pokémon Buddies and balloons. Your buddy will actually knock the balloon away, which might disrupt you actually fighting the Rockets inside.