Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Aggron

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Aggron
Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Aggron / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Obtaining Pokemon GO's Shiny Aggron is a rare and difficult process. However, having this Steel- and Rock-type Pokemon on your team is a battle advantage, as it has high stats and is resistant against many different types of moves.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO fans are unable to encounter a Shiny Aggron in the wild.

However, you can obtain Shiny Aggron through catching Shiny Aron and evolving it into Aggron. Aron's Shiny form includes a lighter silver color scheme.

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Aggron

When evolving Aron into Aggron, players need to evolve it twice, as the first evolution consists of 25 Candy. After evolving it for the first time, users will need 100 Candy in order to evolve this Pokemon into Aggron.

Players can encounter Aron during Snow or Partly Cloudy weather while trekking through the wild.

Aron's most common spawn locations include parking lots, nature reserves, and hiking trails.

Aggron's Shiny form includes a green and grey color scheme. This Steel- and Rock-type's go-to moves consist of Iron Tail, Heavy Slam, Smack Down, and Stone Edge.

It is recommended to use Aggron against Dragon-, Ice-, Psychic-, Fairy-, Bug-, Rock-, Flying-, Normal-, and Poison-type Pokemon.

However, players shouldn't use Aggron against Ground-, Fighting-, or Water-type Pokemon.