Pokemon GO Incense Not Working: How to Fix

Image courtesy of Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Having trouble with Incense in Pokemon GO? Here's how to fix it.

Bugs in mobile games are often more frustrating than their console or PC counterparts, purely because a solution rarely seems to be in sight. That's certainly how some players feel after noticing that their Pokemon Go Incense isn't working quite like it should.

Incense in Pokemon GO is a useful tool. For a limited time, it attracts more Pokemon to the player's location. This is particuarly important when there's an in-game event happening. Orange Incense helps attract more of the special and event Pokemon.

While Players can purchase the incense, those who'd rather not spend any real money often have to put in the work with Research Tasks to earn the item. It takes some time, which makes it all the more frustrating when the Incense doesn't work.

So, how can you fix this particular bug?

How to Fix Pokemon GO Incense Not Working

Usually, when the Incense isn't working in Pokemon GO, the issue lies with a setting on your device. Here's how to fix it for both iOS and Android.

How to Fix Pokemon GO Incense Not Working iOS

To fix the issue on iOS:

  • Head to your "Settings"
  • Select "General"
  • Select "Date and Time"
  • Ensure that "Set Automatically" is green/enabled

How to Fix Pokemon GO Incense Not Working Android

To fix the issue on Android devices:

  • Head to "System"
  • Select "Date and Time"
  • Ensure that both “Automatic Date & Time” and “Automatic Time Zone” are enabled/blue

These steps should be all you need in order to fix the bug. Try restarting the application fully, or restarting your whole device, to put the fix into effect.