Pokemon GO Invitational Results

Pokemon GO Invitational took place at the 2019 Pokemon World Championships. This was the first official Pokemon GO PvP tournament.

Pokemon Go Invitational

The Pokemon GO Invitational was hosted by the Pokemon Company at the 2019 World Championships. The competition saw many personalities and high profile players in the community battling each other for the first place title.

The matches were in a best-of-five format, and the tournament was organized as a double-elimination bracket. The Pokemon Company set a large list of rules as well, in order to make the game as fair as possible. Pokemon, being a game with some random chance and luck, could be a rather unpleasant competitive game without some rules set in stone.

The final results for the top eight players are as follow:

First: PogoKieng
Second: Poke AK
Third: Carrymeh
Fourth: Strawburry17
Fifth (tie): Shigeki Morimoto
Fifth (tie): Yamada
Seventh (tie): UnlistedLeaf
Seventh (tie): Junichi Masuda

It is not yet known if Pokemon GO will continue to thrive competitively due to it mostly being a casual experience, but it is completely possible that the Pokemon Company will host another invitational for the game next year.

Photo courtesy of Niantic