Pokemon GO Jirachi Apparently Confirmed

Pokemon GO Jirachi is all but confirmed. Speculation was abound when Niantic announced an "Ultra Bonus" after the last Pokemon GO Fest. It seems that our suspicions were correct, and we will be getting the Jirachi event sooner than later. Here's everything you need to know.

Pokemon GO Jirachi

On Aug. 15, Niantic posted on their Twitter a starry sky. Each day, they posted the same image with more stars highlighted, eventually showing an outline of Jirachi.

There are currently five starry sky posts with another expected later tonight (as of the writing of this article). In the lore, Jirachi awakens for only seven days after a millennium of rest. This would seem to imply that after seven days of these teasers, we'll get the Jirachi event live.

This would set the timing so the event starts right when the Stardust bonus week ends, so we can expect to see Jirachi tomorrow or the day after.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs