Pokemon GO June 2021 Promo Codes: Are There Any?

Pokemon GO June 2021 promo codes are here.
Pokemon GO June 2021 promo codes are here. / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO June 2021 promo codes are here.

Like many popular multiplayer games, Pokemon GO has an assortment of promotional codes that trainers can redeem for bonus items. These rewards can be anything from berries to PokeBalls and everything in-between.

In order to redeem the codes, however, trainers will need to visit Niantic Labs' code redemption page to get their goodies. Trainers should have an active Pokemon GO account, currently active codes and—perhaps the most difficult of all—knowledge of their log-in information.

Pokemon GO June 2021 Promo Codes

Unfortunately, there are no new active promo codes for Pokemon GO this June 2021 at the time of writing. Most of the codes from May have already expired and the list of Pokemon GO crossover promotions have run their course.

However, trainers shouldn't despair over this for too long. Codes can be issued at anytime so it's always possible Niantic will release a new batch as the season progresses. Additionally, with the approaching warm weather, it may not be farfetched to expect new crossover promotions to be announced any time now.

We encourage trainers to keep an eye out for codes as May comes to a close.