Pokemon GO Leader Sierra: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Leader Sierra has a team comprised of mostly grass and water-types.
Pokemon GO Leader Sierra has a team comprised of mostly grass and water-types. / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Leader Sierra is one of the Team Rocket Executives you can encounter while taking down affected PokeStops in your area. Sierra is supposed to be one of the counterparts to our Pokemon GO Team leaders, alongside her colleagues Cliff and Arlo.

Like the other executives, Sierra has a pool of Pokemon she picks from for every fight. Her team is incredibly varied with the most common types being grass and water. Here are some tips to bring down Team Rocket Executive Sierra.

Pokemon GO Leader Sierra

Sierra's first Pokemon will always be her Beldum. This little guy shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Any fire or dark-type would do well here such as Darkrai or Blaziken. Picking up one of these will also help you later on down the line.

Sierra's second Pokemon can be Exeggutor, Lapras, or Sharpedo. If you brought a fire-type to help with Beldum then it could be used once more against Exeggutor. Otherwise, Lapras and Sharpedo have some overlap. Beware of Lapras' ability to use ice-type moves, as banking on a grass-type might be your downfall there.

The best counters here are Lucario, Mumetal, and possibly an electric type such as Raikou. You want to burn this round down fast.

Sierra's third Pokemon will be Houndoom, Shiftry, or Alakazam. If you used a dark-type like Darkrai for Beldum, then you may want to consider bringing it back out for Alakazam. With that taken care of, all you need to worry about are Houndoom and Shiftry. Individually, you could choose a water and ground-type like Swampert for Houndoom and a fire-type such as Volcarona for Shiftry. However, this may make the battle tough if you get the wrong pick.

It might be worth your while to bank on a rock-type such as Tyranitar or Rhyperior. You might also find success using dragon-types like the titan Dialga.