Pokemon GO Level Cap Increase: Niantic Labs Will Increase the Level Cap

Pokemon GO Level Cap Increase is coming soon
Pokemon GO Level Cap Increase is coming soon / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Level Cap increase is in the works.

Niantic Labs has confirmed a level cap increase for Pokemon GO players on July 25 during a worldwide Pokemon GO Fest livestream. During the stream, Production Lead Matt Slemon took the stage and expanded on quite a few future plans involving the beloved AR mobile title—including the much-theorized implementation of mega-evolutions.

Pokemon GO Level Cap Increase

According to Slemon, a level increase "has been something that’s been in discussion for a very long time. The right way to do a level cap increase has been a topic of much debate internally."

Niantic clearly wants to do this right by its player base. When speaking about the increase, he went on to say that the team didn't want this to feel like any normal grinding progression. While he didn't say exactly how the experience would be different, he did allude to the fact that trainers should be prepared for a new experience.

"We do want the experience to feel a little bit different past level 40 than it has felt up to level 40... But it’s not going to be as simple as grinding XP through the ways that you might be used to." He said.

It appears that leveling past 40 may require an even greater show of effort than those before.

There is no official date for when Niantic plans to roll out the increase nor is there an announcement on just how high the increase will be at the time of writing.