Pokémon GO Lickitung Appearing in July for Breakthrough Research

Image courtesy of Niantic

July is upon us, and with it a whole new exciting slate of Pokémon GO content trainers will get to enjoy as the month progresses.

Starly was recently announced for July Community Day which will be on July 17, as well as an exciting return of the Legendary Bird Pokémon to raids: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Another part of the updated July content is a new featured Pokémon in the Breakthrough Research rewards, and that new Pokemon this month will be Lickitung.

Pokémon GO Lickitung Appearing in July for Breakthrough Research

Breakthrough research rewards are available once every week, after players have received seven research stamps, representing one daily research task completed per day. Among some stardust, XP, and Poké Balls, there is a special Pokémon encounter available for players to catch. Lickitung will be taking over the featured Pokémon in those encounters from Klink, the Generation V gear Pokémon.

Klink gave players the opportunity to catch a nice Steel/Electric-type combo Pokémon, and one with typically high IVs at that. Lickitung will take us back to an earlier generation of Pokémon, having first made its debut all the way back in Gen I, with the rest of the original group of Pokémon.

Shiny hunters should be excited as well, as committed hunters will get at least four opportunities to try to get Lickitung's very cool shiny form. Shiny Lickitung has a gold body, with belly highlights that are similar to normal Lickitung's but appear slightly more yellow. The tongue stays very similar to the original version, creating a nice contrast in design.