Pokemon Go Lugia and Ho-Oh Event: Everything You Need to Know

Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO's Lugia and Ho-Oh event this month is one of many new exciting events in December that Niantic is calling their "Month of Giving." Here's everything you need to know about this weekend's Max Raid Event.

Pokemon GO Lugia and Ho-Oh Raid Event

According to Niantic's official website for all Pokemon GO news and updates, Ho-Oh and Lugia will be available in Raid Battles all weekend, starting today at 1 PM PST and continuing until Monday at 1 PM PST. These raids will be five star raids, and Niantic wants to make it clear that this will not interfere with the ongoing Virizion event, which is also a five star raid.

Lugia and Ho-Oh, the marquee legendary Pokemon of the Johto Region, have been pretty formidable raid bosses since the introduction of Generation II Pokemon and raids back in 2017. Once you catch Lugia and Ho-Oh via a raid, you'll be able to add it to any Gym or P2P battle team you like. However, they are not allowed to be placed in a gym to defend it, as they are too powerful. In terms of stats, Lugia and Ho-Oh max out their CP at around 3703 and 3863, respectively.