Pokemon GO Map Update July 2021

courtesy of Nintendo

Pokemon GO has recently updated their map and players are loving the added details.

Pokemon GO is a mobile app allowing players to experience being a trainer by walking around and catching Pokemon themselves. In order to do this, Nintendo created their own world map for supported countries.

Niantic is a software company supporting the Pokemon GO map. They have been constantly updating the game map and there is not a set schedule for this. Recently they tweeted about an update coming up and it is now live in-game.

Pokemon GO Map Update

Two big updates to the Pokemon GO map are the real-time sky mechanic and map detail updates.

The real-time sky mechanic is a visual update. The game now mimics players' skylight based on their geographical locations and takes weather into account as well.
Players can now see sunsets or cloudy skies in-game.

Although Pokemon GO map quality is great yet it is not perfect. Players have been complaining about non-existing sidewalks or missed details. The update to Pokemon GO's map has fixed some locations and also added others.

People have been giving mixed reactions. Some are pleased that their location has been updated, and others are still waiting for errors to be fixed.