Pokémon GO March 2023 Community Days

Niantic, Pokémon Company

The dates for Community Days and other miscellaneous in-game events for Pokémon GO in March have been revealed, with there being three days to keep in mind for next month as February draws to an end.

As most Pokémon GO players know, Community Days are days where a specific Pokémon, called a featured Pokémon, has a heightened chance of being encountered by players. This gives them the chance to evolve that rare Pokémon by getting more candies to accomplish this task.

In the same vein, short in-game events have varied a lot in Pokémon GO's history. There have been short-term events that have changed in-game conditions so that it can be easier to evolve certain Pokémon, like the previous full moon event of last year, and many other shorter events that help players in various ways.

Pokémon GO March 2023 Community Days

The only Community Day date to be revealed is March 18, with no additional information provided on what Pokémon will be featured, nor what time the event should be expected to take place on.

However, there have been two dates revealed for in-game events with no further description as to what these events may be. These days are March 5 and 11, and similarly, contain no expected time for the events to be available for players to be able to access.

As mentioned previously, there are definitely a lot of different possible events that could take place in event, as well as featured Pokémon that could show up to take over the limelight this March, but, only time will tell what players will see happen next month.

Additional information on upcoming events for this entire season in Pokémon GO can be found here.