Pokemon GO May Community Day: Is It Happening?

Pokemon GO May Community has yet to have any concrete information
Pokemon GO May Community has yet to have any concrete information / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO May Community Day is something of a mystery for Pokemon GO trainers.

Niantic Labs has yet to come forward about a May Community Day event beyond the previously data mined voting lists for featured Pokemon—including Squirtle, Sandshew, Ghastly, and Weedle. Instead, it appears they're taking a more general approach, providing Throwback Weeks and Research Breakthough rewards for those stuck under lockdown.

Here's what you need to know about Pokemon GO's May Community Day.

Pokemon GO May Community Day: Is it Happening?

Pokemon GO has seen immense turmoil over its events. As a game primarily based on getting outside and walking around, it goes without saying that trainers are feeling the impact of quarantine. So far, Niantic has attempted to mitigate the damage to its community and its experience.

Previously, the company chose to postpone events like Community Day—we've seen with Abra. Niantic chose to shift the event back, regroup, and then republish it with different mechanics for a small fee. It should be noted that the monetization drew some negative feedback from the community.

It's unclear whether Niantic will be postponing May's Community Day indefinitely or if they will follow the same structure as Abra's event. The inclusion of Squirtle in the new throwback events suggests cancellation, entirely.

Currently, trainers can look forward to encountering Shinx in their Research Breakthroughs this month alongside "throwback" weekly events featuring previous starter Pokemon from each region.

Additionally, Niantic has put forward the times for Pokemon GO's Spotlight Hour today, May 5, and Raid Hour tomorrow, May 6. Spotlight Hour will feature Shellder while Raid Hour will feature Altered Form Giratina. Both events start at 6 pm local time.