Pokémon GO Mega Gyarados Raid Day Explained

Niantic Labs, Pokémon Company

This upcoming Sat. Pokémon GO players will have the opportunity to capture Mega Gyarados in Raids during the Evolving Stars event.

Mega Gyarados Raid Day Explained

As part of the promotional, event Season of Light Mega Gyarados will appear more frequently in raids. On Sat. Oct, 8. from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. the Raid Day will occur giving trainers the best chance to capture the boss Pokémon. During the Raid Day there will also be an increased chance to catch a rare Shiny Gyarados in the wild.

Players should make time to properly prepare for the raid. Fortunately during the Mega Gyarados Raid Day spinning Photo Disc will reward five additional raid passes. Photo Disc can be found at gyms so find a nice spot before you raid. Be on the lookout for new field research grants to gain more useful items. Completing these research grants can reward trainers with mega energy and even stardust.

Mega Gyarados will be a Dark and Water-type Pokémon so keep that in mind before entering the battle. These two types will make Mega Gyarados weak to many different Pokémon. A Pokémon with Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, or Grass moves should be able to handle Mega Gyarados. With many weaknesses to exploit trainers should have flexibility in their raid team construction.

Pokémon Go players will have plenty to do in a short amount of time. Through persistence and a little luck a new Shiny or Mega Gyarados can soon possibly be yours.