Pokemon GO Meowth Balloons Not Appearing: Possible Glitch?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

Pokemon GO is celebrating the release of the latest Pokemon movie with an in-game event, featuring Zarude and the return of Jessie and James in their iconic Meowth balloon. However, players are noticing the lack of Meowth Balloon encounters as a whole. Could this be a possible glitch?

Jessie, James, and their balloon aren’t new to Pokemon GO, and players are aware that their appearances are supposed to be rare. A problem arises when there’s a majority of players who have yet to encounter the balloon even once, and the community shows worry that a glitch is responsible for ruining their chances.  

Pokemon GO Meowth Balloons Not Appearing: Possible Glitch?

Sadly, the balloons' low spawn rates aren’t caused by a glitch, but rather caused by simply being rare. Both the Rocket and Meowth balloons are rare on their own, and the latter has especially low rates. In addition to these low appearance rates being low, there is no way a player can increase their chances of finding the Rocket Duo in their cat balloon. 

Niantic is aware of the discontent amongst players, and urges them to simply keep an eye out for Meowth Balloons on the horizon. If any change in regards to spawn rates are to be made, it would be a decision the developer must implement themselves. 

Jessie and James in their Meowth Balloon will be available to challenge for a limited time until Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. local time.