Pokemon GO Mysterious Components: What do they Mean?

Pokemon GO Mysterious Components have been popping up for a lot of Pokemon GO players as they travel their neighborhoods playing the game. What do these Mysterious Components entail, and what should players do once they've found them?

Mysterious Components Pokemon GO Explained

Unsurprisingly, the Mysterious Components are a new feature that will help usher in the newest encounter with Team GO Rocket. Last time around, Team GO Rocket took over several Pokestops with their shadow Pokemon, allowing players to capture them and earn rewards.

This time, defeating Team Rocket Grunts will provide you with components to a scanner, which will allow players to take down several Team Rocket bosses in battles. Most of the featured bosses so far have been characters totally original to Pokemon GO, but there have been several hints towards a possible encounter with Giovanni, the big boss of Team Rocket in both the anime and core series of video games.

Defeating the Team Rocket bosses will reward players with a large amount of Unova Stones, necessary for evolving several Generation V Pokemon. A similar feature was introduced with the implementation of player versus player battles last year, when players were rewarded with Sinnoh Stones for winning battles.

Image Courtesy Niantic