Pokemon Go Mystery Hour: Everything You Need to Know

Photo Courtesy of Niantic
Photo Courtesy of Niantic /

Pokemon Go Mystery Hour is an event that introduces bonus effects to its players. Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Mystery Hour.

Pokemon Go Mystery Hour: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go Mystery Hour will usually take effect during Community Days. It places a special bonus on an in game item for a short period of time whether that is double xp, increased lure times, reduced egg hatching distance, or increased Star Dust and Candy.

The next Mystery Hour will return March 5. Players won't know what the Mystery Hour entails until the day of the event. It can change how a player plays the game because the bonus can come from all sorts of items. While it may be difficult to predict what is ahead, players can prepare for the event in a multitude of ways. One way is to wait to incubate your eggs in anticipation of a reduced hatching distance or to save items like the Super Incubators. It also can't hurt to keep PokeCoins in case you want to buy potential Mystery Hour items.

In the month of February, there were three Mystery Hours. The first one offered double catch stardust, the next one offered double raid XP and the last one offered double catch stardust.