Pokemon GO New Spawn Points

Pokemon GO new spawn points are vital to know if you're trying to complete your PokéDex. Since the game's release, trainers have been developing third-party software to track the mass spawn points, nests, and popping-up of unique or rare Pokémon in the immediate area. Nests are known to shift between patches, as well, so it isn't unusual to be discussing Niantic Labs' choice at new spawn points.

Here's what we can tell you about the new spawn points in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO New Spawn Points

As of yesterday, the game has seen a mass global reshuffling of spawn points. Trainers began noticing this change yesterday afternoon verifying that there has been a huge sweeping change. Points haven't just simply been added or removed here and there.

Of these changes, the most important are the addition and subtraction of points corresponding to pre-existing Pokémon population and level of cellular activity. Points were added where high levels were recorded while points were removed in places where there were too many Pokémon per trainer count.

Cluster spawns have been adjusted. The most common number recorded is four or multiples of four at a time.

Trainers are also reporting a peculiar effect regarding PokéStops. The stops are allegedly attracting Pokémon from nearby residential areas to appear closer to the PokéStop rather than what would be a true spawn point. As of now, this information is purely anecdotal.

Despite these changes, trainers can still use Ingress to pinpoint where these spawns will be. Ingress Prime XM has been able to give the clearest view of how upcoming spawns will look.

Image courtesy of Niantic Labs