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Pokémon GO November 2021: Days to Know

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

November is set to be a very busy month for Pokemon GO, and Trainers are excited to partake in the many events occurring soon. Here are some important days to know this November in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO November 2021: Days to Know

Currently ongoing until Nov. 2 is the Dia De Los Muertos Event, commemorating the real-life Latin American holiday. In addition to the usual three-hour lures and increased stardust rate, the event will feature Pokemon with skeleton, flower, and spirit appearances! Since this is a worldwide event, players can enjoy the features no matter where they are.

Another exciting event coming up in November is Community Day, set to take place on Nov. 21. This time around, it will feature Shinx, an Electric-type from the Sinnoh region. Like all community days, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, Shinxs will have an extremely high encounter rate. It’s a good day to grind for candy and stardust, and a few lucky players could walk out with the newly-released shiny Shinx!

Besides the Community Day and the Dia De Los Muertos event, there are three more events slated to occur in November. Details of these events are coming at a later date, so players are advised to stay tuned:

  • Festival of Lights - ​​Nov. 5 to Nov. 14 - A celebration about light overcoming darkness.
  • Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Celebration Event - Nov. 16, to Nov. 21 - An event commemorating the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. 
  • ???-  Nov. 26 to Nov. 29 - The finale to the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research Story.

November is looking to be a jam-packed month for all players, so get those Poke Balls ready for what’s to come this month.

Pokémon GO can be played on Android and iOS devices.