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Pokémon GO November 2022: Research Breakthrough Explained

Courtesy of Pokémon GO

The Research Breakthrough Pokémon for the month of November has been revealed by Niantic Labs. From Nov. 1 to Dec. 1 Pokémon GO players will have the chance to encounter this Pokémon by completing a Research Breakthrough. This month's Research Breakthrough is a classic Pokémon that evolves from Staryu.

Pokémon GO November 2022: Research Breakthrough

The Pokémon players will have a chance to capture after completing a research breakthrough for the next month will be Starmie. The Water and Psychic-type first appeared in the original generation of the mainline series which took place in the iconic Kanto region.

In order to reach a Research Breakthrough, Pokémon GO players need to obtain seven stamps. A maximum of one stamp per day can be earned so it will take players at least one week if they do not already have enough stamps. Stamps are earned by completing Research Tasks so finishing one a day for a week will get you the Research Breakthrough encounter.

Players that reach a Research Breakthrough will also be rewarded one Star piece which can be used to temporarily increase the amount of Stardust gained by 50 percent. If Starmie has been one of the missing Pokémon in your Kanto region Pokédex then this is the perfect time to finally catch one.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with things to do and catch in Pokémon GO. The Season of Light which will continue until December features many seasonal daily events like the Día de Muertos or Safari Zone.