Pokémon GO October Research Breakthrough Rewards

Courtesy of Niantic

As we reach the halfway point in September, it's time to start preparing for Pokémon GO’s Research Breakthrough encounters in October. Niantic and Pokemon GO announced next month’s rewards for trainers to look forward to and to start planning for.

After completing a Field Research quest each day, trainers will earn a stamp. In seven days, trainers would have acquired seven stamps, completing a Research Breakthrough. In September, the Research Breakthrough reward Pokémon was the fighting and psychic-typed Pokémon, Medicham. Though the tasks are not revealed yet, here is next month's Research Breakthrough Pokémon.

Pokémon GO October Research Breakthrough Rewards

Starting Saturday, Oct. 1 at 4 p.m. ET, trainers will be able to earn one incense and encounter Shedinja after completing seven days of Field Research quests. An incense helps attract Pokémon to your area. Shedinja is a bug and ghost-typed Pokémon that debuted in the game in 2018 as that month's Research Breakthrough reward.

Most known for its signature Wonder Guard ability, in the main games the Shed Pokémon only has one HP and can only be hit by super-effective attacks and indirect damage. This means that Shedinja can only be hurt by Fire, Flying, Dark, Ghost and Rock moves.

Unfortunately, there are no abilities in Pokémon GO. Retaining its one HP stat, Shedninja renders pretty much useless when it comes to battle in the mobile game. However, this rare Pokémon is still a worthwhile addition to a trainer's collection.