Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Passes $6 Billion Revenue Mark

Image courtesy of Niantic

According to Sensor Tower, Pokémon GO recently became one of just a handful of mobile games to surpass the $6 Billion mark for money earned since its explosion of a release back in the summer of 2016. The highest-spending countries on the game are the United States, Japan, and Germany. Pokémon GO joins other iconic mobile games in reaching this mark like Clash of Clans, and Candy Crush Saga.

This milestone comes at a bit of an up and down period for the game however. Fans have been recently frustrated with recent changes, such as the increase in cost to purchase a remote raid pass, and nerf to the damage remote raiding players deal as well. Additionally, there has been an industry-wide decrease in spending on mobile games this year, with the 2022 first-quarter earnings for Pokémon GO coming in at 45% less than the earnings for the same period in 2021. The game has also been forced to adapt to changing COVID-19 restrictions in the past two years to mixed results and reception from players.

Despite the period of time that Pokémon GO is currently in, this milestone is simply a reminder of both the massive success and popularity of the franchise, but of its staying power as well. While few if any mobile games ever had the cultural reach and popularity that Pokémon GO did on release, many have been popular at first and then failed to have any sort of staying power. Pokémon GO's millions of monthly players across many different countries prove its success in the industry in the same way it hits the $6 Billion revenue mark.