Pokemon GO Pinsir Raid Cancelled to Fans' Dismay

The Pokemon GO Pinsir raid has been cancelled.
The Pokemon GO Pinsir raid has been cancelled. / Photo by Niantic

Pokemon GO Pinsir raid cancelled is the latest upsetting news for fans of the mobile game.

An announcement went live on the Pokemon GO Twitter that the Pinsir raid event was cancelled without giving a reason. Fans shouldn't worry too much as the event is still going to happen in the future.

Pokemon GO will be releasing shiny Dwebble in the upcoming bug-out event. The bug-out event is set to start on June 26 at 8 a.m. and will last till July 1. Bug type Pokemon will spawn more often in the wild, hatch from eggs and in raids.

Pokemon GO Pinsir Raid Cancelled

Pokemon GO released a statement yesterday that the Pinsir raid day is cancelled.

In the official statement, Pokemon GO gave a very quick and direct statement. It reads "Pinsir Raid Day: This event has been canceled."

There could be a few reasons for this sudden change.

  1. There was an error in the game's preparation for the event.
  2. The Pokemon's lower level of popularity compared to other bug-type Pokemon.
  3. Niantic was going to release the raid as an introduction to Mega Evolution. Mega Pinsir would be powerful, but the developers are yet to complete their preparations or mechanics.

Fans await more information on the Pinsir raid.