Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Plus Zorua Issue Fixed

Courtesy of Niantic

Niantic Labs were forced to disable Bluetooth devices such as the Poké Ball Plus and Pokémon GO Plus on Oct. 28 due to issues being caused by the debut of the Pokémon Zorua.

Pokémon GO Plus Zorua Issue Fixed

Fans first reported the issue when encountering Zorua in the wild. Zorua was supposed to use its Illusion ability to disguise itself as a different Pokémon. If captured the Pokémon was to reveal itself as a Zorua after players successfully caught it. The problem was that the captured Zorua would look like the trainer's Buddy Pokémon but after being captured, it would not change back into Zorua.

Some players prefer to play the game with these Bluetooth accessories since they will automatically detect nearby wild Pokémon or Pokéstops without having to check one's phone screen. For those that do not like staying glued to their mobile device as they walk and explore, this is an ideal option. Losing access to convenient accessories like these frustrated many fans.

For those looking forward to participating in any Halloween activities for Pokémon GO, this development was surely disappointing. After a few days, Niantic Labs confirmed that they resolved the issue early on Nov. 1. Zorua's debut event to many fans would be considered a major disappointment but at least Niantic Labs was already to reenable the devices in time for other events like the Día de Muertos celebration.

Even if you managed to miss out or were unable to enjoy catching Zorua, there is still plenty to look forward to during the rest of Pokémon GO's Season of Light.