Pokemon GO Promo Codes: March 2021

Pokemon GO promo codes for March are here.
Pokemon GO promo codes for March are here. / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO promo codes for March are here.

Like any popular multiplayer or mobile game, Pokemon GO has several ways for trainers to retrieve the items they need both in-game and out. One of these, of course, is the monthly release of Pokemon GO promotional codes that trainers can redeem for extra berries, PokeBalls, and much more.

Pokemon GO Promo Codes for March 2021

Below, we've put together the full list of promo codes that are currently active in Pokemon GO as of March 2021. There are two working at the time of writing:

  • GXSD5CJ556NHG—North Face x Gucci trainer avatar items
  • LRQEV2VZ59UDA—Verizon trainer avatar items

To redeem these codes, trainers will have to visit Niantic's Offer Redemption Portal with their trainer account—i.e.: their associated e-mail and password—along with the active code. The items should be credited to the trainer's account within the next 24 hours, though it may take up to a few business days to fully complete.

Those missing items are encouraged to get in touch with Niantic's Support team.