Pokemon GO Raid Guide: How to Defeat Ursaring

Ursaring was added as a tier four ranked raid battle in Pokemon GO, so it may be difficult for players to beat. Here's a guide on how to defeat Ursaring in a Pokemon GO raid battle.

Pokemon GO Raid Guide: How to Defeat Ursaring

Ursaring is a normal-type Pokemon so using a fighting-type in battle is the best approach. Some fighting-type Pokemon that are particularly great against Ursaring are Machamp, Lucario, Hariyama and Mewtwo.

Ursaring has a total CP (Combat Power) of 27,409 so raiding with friends may be easier, but the raid battle can potentially be done alone. Ursaring's moves include Counter, Metal Claw, Hyper Beam and Play Rough. To counter this, players should primarily use fighting-type moves like Dynamic Punch and Focus Blast.

Adding the use of Shadow and Mega candy can increase your chances against Ursaring, but no matter what, fighting-type Pokemon will be the most effective as it is it's biggest weakness.

Players logging into Pokemon GO as part of the Mountains of Power event will have a higher chance of spotting Ursaring appearing in Three-Star raids.

Pokemon GO is available to play on mobile devices.