Pokémon GO Raid Schedule March 2023

The new Pokémon GO Plus+ accessory.
The new Pokémon GO Plus+ accessory. / The Pokémon Company

March is going to yield a lot of different special Pokémon in the unique raid battles coming to the app all month long, as revealed today.

As most players have come to realize, Pokémon GO keeps up the energy throughout the month with various Community Days, Events and also of great importance are the features Raid Battles throughout the month.

Five-Star Raids are opportunities for players to find strong legendary Pokémon to add to their arsenal, and Mega Raids, as the name implies, give players the opportunity to encounter Mega Pokémon that are incredibly powerful and capable of decimating enemy Pokémon quickly.

Pokémon GO Raid Schedule March 2023

The Pokémon Go Twitter page has posted a detailed schedule of what kind of raids we can expect, which Pokémon will be available in those raids and what dates those raids will take place.

Five-Star Raids

  • Mar. 1-8: Incarnate Form Tornadus
  • Mar. 8-21: Ho-Oh
  • Mar. 21-28: Incarnate Form Thundurus
  • Mar. 28 - Apr. 10: Lugia

Mega Raids:

  • Mar. 1-8: Mega Charizard Y
  • Mar. 8-21: Mega Medicham
  • Mar. 21-28: Mega Venusaur
  • Mar. 28 - Apr. 10: Mega Alakazam

To access these Raids, players just need to find gyms that are hosting these Raid battles during the selected times (6 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and challenge the Pokémon for the opportunity to catch them.